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Porto 3 Day Street Photography Workshop
27th May 2018

I am really excited to be travelling to Porto this week to teach a 3-day street photography workshop! Portugal is one of my top destinations for photography. I visited Lisbon and Porto Spring 2017 during my Accidental, Extended Trip To Portugal saga!

Anyway, this time I've 'purposely' extended my stay in Porto to a full week. My last visit was very short, just two full days, so was a bit of a whirlwind, but fell in love with the place. I also had some great local friends show me the sights so made it even more memorable.

My guides have organised full day schedules where the guests and myself will also experience some cool locations including Bento Station, Casa Da Musica, a trip on the Funicular, a visit to the Sandeman Cellars and a whole lot more.

The weather was glorious last time, I hope that the light is as good this time around! I will post photos and updates from this trip on my return! :-)

Seen in.... Soho London, Jesus Selling The Big Issue
03rd May 2018

Jesus selling The Big Issue!

New street art piece seen in Soho, London during a recent workshop.

Part of my Seen in... London Series, an ongoing photography project - snapping my visions of London and the people who live in it one click at a time!
Street Photography Night Tours in London
18th April 2018

I hosted a London street photography night tour on the weekend. My traveller guest requested a private photo tour, covering all my favourite central London areas and hidden back streets to shoot after dark. The evening walk did not disappoint. Being a balmy Saturday evening, London's revellers were out on mass and there was a happy vibe in the air. It felt like a celebration that the cold, winter months were finally over and that this much needed warm, dry night in the West End was the start of Summer.

Central London, in general, is a great location for street photography day or night, but I think my favourite place to photograph at night is around the Soho area. It is a combination of many things, including the neon signs that light up the surroundings, the nightlife vibe, and interesting characters, as well as the hidden atmospheric side streets and paths. There is always something to photograph in Soho. It is also a great opportunity to experiment with your camera, try and be creative with things like light play, colourful abstracts as well as find candid interactions and street photography moments in general.

This particular photo tour started at 8 pm and was 3 hours long in total, which was just about enough time to walk the set route. We covered the areas of; Mayfair, Piccadilly, Soho, Chinatown, Leicester Square and Covent Garden.

If you love street photography, plan to visit London and need a photo tour host, I would be happy to show you around town and help you take some creative photos. Schedule to availability, I can accommodate both weekdays and weekends, day or evenings.

Please contact me for more information on my private photo tours.
Photographs shown are available as prints in my Etsy store LindaWisdomPhotoCo.