Lifestyle Photoshoots

Photoshoot with the Veenus London

Photoshoot with the Veenus London

I love street photography with a passion, but I also enjoy lifestyle and fashion photoshoot sessions. Clients come to me with their photo projects with the knowledge that I have an eye for detail, that I can inject feeling and emotion into a photo, and that as a street photographer, that I use natural light and so give a more natural feel to a photograph.

Creatively, lifestyle photography is pretty much the same a street photography in a way, in that I am still looking for natural moments, a story, a natural emotion, a story to tell. The main difference is that I can provide my creative input into getting the best possible results for you.

The photoshoot doesn't just start from the moment we meet in person. It starts the moment you make contact. From experience I ask the right questions, try and get as much feedback from the client on the exact type of images they are looking for. If necessary, I research related images online and create mood boards to make sure we are on the same page before the day of the shoot. I also work with you on choosing the best locations for your lifestyle photoshoot. You can never be too prepared!

Clients can often be nervous about a photoshoot, but as you will find out, I am very easy to work with. My aim is to create a natural feeling, relaxed, fun session. I have worked with fashion models, lifestyle bloggers, musicians, shoe designers and up-and-coming actors.

If you are interested in discussing a lifestyle photoshoot of any kind with me, please get contact me for a chat!