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John Free - London Street Photography Talk
23rd August 2012 - 0 comments
I had the pleasure to get involved with John Free's London talk and workshops last weekend. As organiser of a London Meetup group called We Shoot People which was created for anybody with a love for street photography, it was an honour to be asked to help with this project. Thanks again to Dave Bull!

From the minute you check out one of John's YouTube videos you instantly feel his passion for street photography. This passion is even more powerful in real life - when he speaks you listen. John has years and years of experience and knowledge in this genre of photography so he knows what he is talking about. His dedication to his art is clear to see and he has many wonderful stories and anecdotes to tell which only adds to the experience of spending time in his company.

John Free is on a clear mission to teach the ways of street photography and get as many as people as possible inspired and passionate about it too. Often quoting some of his favourite photographers; Cartier-Bresson, W. Eugene Smith in his flow, you almost feel as if their spirits are watching and guiding him when he speaks.

These are just some of the comments from the students who attended John's talk:

"This was a fabulous and genuine lecture. I feel totally enthused about street photography and cannot wait for the workshop tomorrow! Thanks very much for coming John and thanks to Linda for organising it. I feel sorry for people who missed it! :-)" Sharon

"I thought John was wonderful. Entertaining and inspirational. I'm so glad I came along." J.S

"John's talk was from the heart and you could hear the passion in his voice. He loves what he does and wants 'YOU' to feel the same about your work and he brought that message across. His mantra was that you have to keep practicing, because you may think that you know it but you don't, you just become complacent! This man has been doing this for over 40 years and he is still honing his skills. Hopefully, most people will have left that room with a couple of words of wisdom.." S.R

"An amazing evening listening to someone speak from his heart and inspire you from the very start. John's take on photography was an eye opener." Chet

"Great talk. I was happy to see that almost everyone "got it" wasn't another "heres how i do it" lecture from an average photog with a "i heart Leica" t-shirt!!" Dave

"John is an extremely motivational speaker and a master craftsman. Main things I took home were to shoot from the heart, never take posed shots and try to develop the 20 degree offset strategy. My quote for the night was: "People will have photographs for generations because of you". An outstanding evening which made you think where you are at right now with your own photography. Highly recommended." John K

Click here to read about the John Free workshops 2012

Check out my interview by Alex Coghe
06th August 2012 - 0 comments
Here's an interview I did recently with Alex Coghe. Read it on this blog page here:

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The PrintSpace Blog: Into The Light
13th June 2012 - 0 comments
The PrintSpace blog feature: Into The Light

As winning prize for The Printspace's competition last month, themed 'Reflections' I won a feature on their blog. Check it out:

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LONDON PHOTO FESTIVAL - Public Vote F/Factor winner
23rd May 2012 - 0 comments
Winner of the Public Vote F/Factor at the London Photo Festival!

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LONDON PHOTO FESTIVAL - Exhibition Private View
16th May 2012 - 0 comments

Being an exhibitor at the London Photo Festival exhibition, I was invited to the private view event last night. What a great turn out!

When I first arrived at The Crypt gallery on Borough High Street, I nervously looked around for my two print mounts on the walls. I found them and was more then proud to see them hanging together side by side.

Got a few snaps taken with the mounts by some friends without trying to draw too much attention that they were mine. I wanted to spend the evening walking around the gallery anonymously. I found it a buzz when visitors walked over to study and talk about my photos and pick up my promo cards that were laid on on the exhibitor table.

Having walked around the gallery to look at my fellow exhibitors photos, I sensed the majority were in the 'street photography' genre of photography which was surprising but refreshing. It is usually the norm to see mostly the classic 'landscape' and 'portrait' styles, but I sense that street photography is very much in style at the moment and so this was reflected in the images on display.

The main public view of the exhibition starts from today, 17th May through to Saturday 19th May 2012. I will be going back on the Friday evening to greet some friends I invited and also returning again on the Saturday as I am hosting a Meetup event there.

If you would like to come along the exhibition is open:
17th May 2012: 10am – 7pm
18th May 2012: 10am – late
19th May 2012: 10am – 6pm

The London Photo Festival is located at The Crypt Borough High Street London SE1 1JA.
01st May 2012 - 0 comments

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Fine Art America
01st May 2012 - 0 comments
Fine Art America is an international online website for artists who wish to sell their art and photography. Create an account, set your print prices and sizes and build your profile.

Find my profile page here:

For more street photography photography:
street photography photos

For more black and white photography:
black and white photos
LONDON PHOTO FESTIVAL - exhibition prints sold!
01st May 2012 - 0 comments
Both exhibited original mounts sold at the London Photo Festival 2012

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01st May 2012 - 0 comments

I have entered a Facebook photography contest themed 'Reflections' and now require public votes for a chance to get into the final selection.

The top 30 images with the most votes get through to the last phase which is the judges vote.

You have until 27 May 2012 to vote.

Your time and support is much appreciated!

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